Rules & Regulations

  1. The “Colour Rush” run - 5 KM, 1 February 2015 in Kuching and Miri, and 8 February 2015 in Sibu (“The Event”) is powered by Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society “the Organiser”.
  2. 2. By signing up for and providing any information, personal or otherwise, in order to gain access to any product(s) or service(s) and/or participate in any programme(s), event(s), talk(s), demonstration(s) or any activity(ies) involving the Organizer and the sponsors(“the Sponsors”), the individual is deemed to have given written permission for the Organizer and the Sponsors to collect, analyse, collate, share, disclose to third parties, sell and/or otherwise use without any liability to the individual, any personal information relating to that individual as may in its sole discretion deem fit, including without any limitation for its programme planning, data-processing, and statistical or risk-analysis, research, fund-raising and/or any other purposes in furtherance of the functions. The Organiser and the Sponsors declare by virtue of being the event owner or sponsor, they can utilize services of third parties.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to modify or substitute any of these rules and regulations of the Event from time to time as they deem fit. If there is ambiguity in any of the provisions, the Organiser shall be the sole authority to interpret and in so doing, the Organiser will take into account the interest of all the affected participants concerned.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to call off/ cancel the Event at any time without prior notice to the Participant, in which case the Organiser will make effort to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event. If the Event has to be cancelled, there shall be no refund of fees paid unless the Organiser deems fit to give a refund and the Organiser shall not be liable for any other losses or inconvenience caused.
  5. There will be no fee refund if the event is cancelled for reason of force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organiser and which renders it impossible or unsafe to hold the event.
  6. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Event race routes as they deem fit for the safety of the Participants and/or to prevent any impending hazards in the running of the event, at any time without prior notice to the Participant. In such situation, every effort will be made to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event. The Organiser shall not be held responsible /liable for any other losses or inconvenience caused due to such changes.
  7. Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organiser to ensure on the participants' safety, participants run at their own risk and the Organiser will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising from training for or during participation in the race. Participants are strongly encouraged/advised to go for a medical examination and/or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual Race Day. Any withholding of information by the participant is doing at their own risk and the organiser shall not be responsible for such act of the participant in the event of any calamity.
  8. A participant must retire from the race immediately, if required to do so by any member of the official medical staff, Race Director, Marshal/ Referee and/or Security Officer.
  9. Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course other than official race and medical vehicles.
  10. Once registration has been duly processed, there will be no fee refund for participants who do not eventually take part in the Event for whatever reason.
  11. The Organiser reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the Event, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to the Sponsors.
  12. The Organiser reserves the right to limit and/or refuse entry without giving any reason and notice.
  13. The Organiser will neither entertain nor be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete or inaccurate entry details in the registration form.
  14. The Organiser reserves the rights to cancel and/or add any race category without prior notice to the Participants.
  15. Participants are strictly disallowed to transfer their race entries to another party or change race categories once their registrations are confirmed.
  16. A participant who commences to run before the actual start time of his/her registered race will be disqualified. (Please refer to start time of each race).
  17. Participants who do not start within 20 minutes from respective flag off (5Km) will be disqualified and for safety reasons may not be allowed to start.
  18. Participants must be 16 years or above to be eligible in the “Colour Rush Run” - 5km. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. In view of personal safety, Children under the age of 12 are not encouraged to participate in this event. 
  19. The run comprises two (2) categories: 
    Men Open (16 years and above) – 5 km, 
    Women Open (16 years and above) – 5 Km. 
    Age below 16 must be accompanied by guardian.
  20. Only the top ten (10) finishers (men and women) will be awarded a medal upon presentation of their token to the respective officials.
  21. The cut off time for the race is 1 1⁄2 hours, thereafter road will be opened to traffic.
  22. Registration form is available: (Click here for the form or Register Online)
  23. Closing date for registration for Kuching and Miri is on 3 January 2015 and for Sibu is on 10 January 2015.
  24. Kuching Venue for race pack collection: CityOne Megamall, KUCHING. 
    Time and date: 24 – 25 January 2015, 10am - 7pm.
  25. Sibu Venue for race pack collection: Star Megamall, SIBU.
    Time and date: 07 February 2015, 10am - 6pm.
  26. Miri Venue for race pack collection: Miri Indoor Stadium, MIRI. 
    Time and date: 31 January 2015, 10am - 6pm.
  27. Entry fee:  Men/Women (5 km): RM50.00

Updated: 06 November 2014